Wednesday, August 9

White Lines!

Random Celeb Photo Caption Attack!

"So, in alcohol rehab, how many lines of coke can I do a day? Nanu, nanu."

Blog Self-Critique:

Hollywood. Da da da da da da da, Hollywood! Cocaine is solely responsible for that get-up. Brian has always disliked Robin Williams. He is not really funny so much as he is fleetingly uncanny. People like him for the same reason they like dogs who can hula-hoop or blind-folded knife throwers or David Blaine. His ability to spew stream of consciousness out of his head is uncanny, but rarely side-splitting. Is Brian funnier than Robin Williams? Probably not. Is Brian an alcoholic? Probably not. Does Brian realize that no one agrees with him and everyone loves Robin Williams and he's lost a lot of respect points and people are firing off angry letters and attempting to internet boo him? Probably.
Brian's rating: 2/11 Coming Off Like a Bitter Douches!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate Robin Williams. That is all.

10:55 PM, August 10, 2006  

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